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Triton T3 400g Digital Scale #SCALE-6

Triton T3 400g Digital Scale

Brand: Triton

Item#: SCALE-6

Price: $99.95

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The MyWeigh Triton T3 400-gram digital pocked scale is a tough scale! Its unique design features a fully padded outer rubber case. All of the internal components have been re-enforced and shock mounted. Resulting in a digital pocket scale stronger than any other in the world. Perfect for the individual that is constantly dropping or abusing their scales. Additional standard features include a removable protective cover, 400-gram capacity, .01-gram precision, battery operation (with AAA batteries), and a full 30-year warranty. MyWeigh's Triton T3 400-gram pocket scale is designed to take a beating, while remaining affordably priced, so your pocket book won't. Product specs: Precision: 0.01g Capacity: 400g Modes: g, oz, 1/4oz, 1/8oz, dwt, ozt, ct Power Options: AAA Battery Colors Available: Black Included Accessories: batteries, removable cover/tray Warranty: 30 years

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