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Journey Pipe 4

Brand: Journey

Item#: Jor-4

Price: $49.95

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Comfortable, shatterproof design
Journey4 is the first to use comfortable silicone on the outside and shatterproof stainless steel on the inside. Itís the most comfortable and hassle-free pipe available.

Smoke or Vape
Journey4 is the first to make it just as easy to smoke or vape any material. Whatever you want to smoke or vape, Joruney4 is ready.

Screenless, no-clog filter
Our patent-pending V-Gap Filter TechnologyTM means no more screens. and no more smoking the unhealthy tars that clog them. The vertical gap at the periphery of the bowl makes the filter uncloggable, provided you clean it every 4 bowlfuls. The 200 micron filter is so efficient that it only lets the cleanest smoke and vapor through, every time.

Easy-clean magnetic assembly
Journey4 is the easiest pipe to clean. Just pop it open and clean it with an alcohol wipe. In 30 seconds, youíll have a fresh, clean pipe.

The Healthier Pipe
Journey4 is for smokers who care about their health! We use only the finest, nontoxic materials available. Easy clean magnetic assembly means no tar buildup, which means no bacteria breeding in your pipe. The filter is so fine that it removes nearly all of the unhealthy ash and heavy tars. Smoke healthy!


ē 103mm x 37mm x 18mm
ē 4.06Ē x 1.45Ē x .71Ē

ē 1.75 oz
ē 50 grams

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is an ideal surface for the bowl and smoke path. Itís as hard as glass, but will not shatter. It will not rust or corrode, and itís used in a wide array of medical applications. Because itís so hard, itís easy to sterilize with an alcohol wipe, and therefore it will not harbor bacteria.

High Temperature Silicone
Silicone is an ideal material for the external surfaces of the pipe because itís healthy, it protects your fingers by keeping the outside cool, and itís extremely comfortable to hold. It feels so comfortable in your hand, you might have a hard time putting it down!

Unlike plastics, which are all dangerous (especially in the presence of heat and flame), the silicone we use is completely inert and non-toxic. We use only premium high-temperature silicone, FDA approved for mouth contact. Itís so safe that itís used in cooking implements, medical devices and implants, nipples for baby bottles, and infant teething toys.

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