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Purple Haze Celebration pipe #CEL-2

Purple Haze Celebration pipe

Brand: USA

Item#: CEL-2

Price: $99.95

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Celebration Pipes™ are “NO KA OI”….the very best. Each pipe is handcrafted, signed, and fired to over 2,350 degrees Fahrenheit, and plated in 22kt. GOLD….the gold bowls reflect heat and completely burn whatever is inside of them….more “bang for the buck”. The base is made from LAVASTONEWARE tm, a unique compound created 27 years ago and hi tech in its heat ablating simplicity.

The U.S. Space Shuttle fleet uses advanced light weight ceramic composites to insulate and safeguard the vehicle. We use a Hawaiian version ceramic composite that forms the base of each Celebration Pipe ™ that helps dissipate heat and cool the burning bowl, resulting in a cool yet complete burn.

Each gold plated pipe is encased in a velvet and satin handmade pouch for safekeeping as well as a great presentation for gift giving.

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