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About Cloud Nine Smoke Shop

Cloud Nine Smoke Shop Cloud Nine was established in 1982, its main goal is to change the rolling and smoking experience of the experienced smoker. Cloud Nine has set for itself a high standard for development and distribution of products.
Cloud Nine head shop is working to achieve a new level of service and understanding of the smoker at home, which is reflected through the ingenuity and quality of our products.

Cloud Nine was established as a solution to all those smokers who are sick and tired of low grade, annoying, smoking products.
Sick of wet soggy tips? Tired of paper that rips or burns unevenly? Had enough of filters that slide out of place?

Cloud Nine has entered the smoking scene to upgrade the smoking experience and give service to smokers who have grown tired of the same old thing.

Cloud Nine’s head shop products, not only deals and solves these tiresome problems; they also add creativity, style and flair to your casual smoke.
Vaporizers at Cloud Nine Smoke Shop Cloud Nine's head shop experience and knowledge has been implemented into every detail to form products suited for you. A unique collection of top grade high quality smoking accessories will enhance your smoking experience to the maximum.

Get the most out of your smoke is what we stand for, the head shop offers  a diverse set of smoking accessories assembled just for your needs in a creative yet functional manner.
What's truly special about Cloud Nine's head shop - is that the whole process of creating products are developed and manufactured by us. This allows us to develop the market and add intelligent diverse smoking equipment, while constantly keep an open mind to new ideas from our loyal customers. All of this also allows low retail prices and supervision of the high quality we stand for.
Feedback is the Key!
We appreciate and look forward to hear your feedback so we can improve and adjust ourselves to your exact needs and wishes; Cloud Nine's development team is always looking for new inventive ideas which will idealise your puff.  
Do You Live in Ohio? We have two Brick & Mortar Stores. We would love for you to stop in and see us. The people who handle your online order,also work in the stores.

Cloud Nine North

1819 Piedmont Rd

Columbus,Ohio 43224


Cloud Nine West

2136 Eakin Road

Columbus Ohio 43213  



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